NETGEAR Genie App: Truly Magic!

NETGEAR Genie AppNETGEAR Genie App: Prepare to be amazed! With the NETGEAR Genie app, users can get more than just three wishes!

NETGEAR’s new Genie app allows all its smart users to easily monitor, uphold and fix their home networks. Built especially to meet the networking needs of all smartphone, Android, and iOS users on home PC and Mac, this free-to-download app helps you manage your networks with ease.  With this app, users can, with a single touch, block unwanted sites and users, fiddle with controls, stream media via their phones wirelessly and also print desired files using their iPad or iPhone. Once users connect this app to their networks, they get a free hand to manage, monitor, and access the status of their wireless connection and also allow guest users under its umbrella.

Managing Network using NETGEAR Genie app:

  • Easy set-up:

With the most basic and user-friendly customization and access settings, the NETGEAR Genie app allows the user to change their network name or router’s password with a single click!

  • Web-based interface:

This app will ensure that the users can look at their entire network even when they are away from home. This allows its user to remotely manage their network maps without having to stay at home.

  • Block entire categories:

There are tons of categories filters available in the app which enables the user to simply block the whole category at once rather than having to block every other website and pop-up advertisement.

  • Secure Surfing:

When using NETGEAR’s Genie app, the users don’t have to worry about malware, phishing, or bot not sites as the Genie app using its magic will take care of it all!

  • Customization of profiles:

Ease of exception and flexibility can also be enjoyed with custom profiles allowing all users to own and access their own profiles. Furthermore, users can also put other users in the white or black lists so as to specify their control over the network surfing.

  • NETGEAR Genie diagnoses and fixes:

Using step-by-step instructions, any problem with your network can easily be diagnosed, pinpointed, and fixed.

  • With NETGEAR Genie you can print from your iPad or iPhone:

With NETGEAR’s Genie app, there is no point in investing in an Airprint compatible printer. NETGEAR will do the printing for you. Print as many files as you want using only your phone, tablet, or iPad, in the same manner, you would have done using a computer. All you have to do is install the NETGEAR Genie app on your computer and let it run while you print.

  • Stream media from your storage devices:

The NETGEAR Genie app also gives you complete independence when it comes to streaming multimedia on your devices. By simply connecting it to a TV screen or console, you can easily turn your devices into a remote control. When using NETGEAR Genie, users can also play media from their phones, tablets, and DLNA devices wirelessly.

  • Parental controls:

One of the most distinguishing features of NETGEAR Genie is that it allows parents to set parental controls on all the devices to ensure children are not surfing websites that are inappropriate for their age.

Download your NETGEAR Genie app for Android or iOS today and be a part of this magical world.