How to Change WiFi Password?

How To Change WiFi Password?How To Change WiFi Password?

    1. Connect to the network either wireless or with Ethernet cable
    2. Find your router`s IP address
    3. Click Start, and type cmd in your search box
    4. Type ipconfig and hit enter
    5. Router IP address will appear next to Default Gateway (if it is blank you are not connected to a network)
    6. It might be or
    7. Open your web browser and type in your router IP address
    8. You will be prompted to enter a username and password (case sensitive) default credentials are username: admin. Password: password.
    9. Look for Setup-Wireless settings
    10. Under Security, Options look for something like Security Encryption (WPA2-PSK) or similar
    11. Change your password and hit Save.

Note that all your devices connected to the wireless network will be disconnected automatically since the wireless password has been changed. You will have to connect them to your wireless network once again and use the new password. For some wireless devices, you will have to delete the existing wireless profile from the device before you will be prompted to enter your new password.