Default NETGEAR Password

Default NETGEAR PasswordDefault NETGEAR Password – Let`s say that you got your router from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) three years ago and at this moment you need to change some settings in a web interface, but you can’t remember your password. Either you or your IT specialist has changed it and you don’t have time to wait when someone to fix it. It might seem a quite challenging task but don’t worry I have a solution for you.

To access the web-based administration interface, you need to know your username and default NETGEAR password. In this article, you will find the list of most used passwords. Web interface password is not the same that secures your wireless network. If you want to retrieve or change your wireless network password see change WiFi password.

Default settings are set when manufactured and when your device left the factory. Also, those settings apply when the router is reset to its default factory settings. Remember that your username is not changeable it will always remain admin.

If you have lost your admin password or just have forgotten it you may need to reset the NETGEAR device back to factory settings and use a default username and password. Restoring a device will delete all your configuration hangers for the device.

Most NETGEAR devices default username and default NETGEAR password is:

  • Username = admin
  • Password (latest models) = password
  • Password (old models) = 1234

ReadyNAS/ReadyDATA products default username and default NETGEAR password is:

  • Username = admin
  • (ReadyNAS OS and ReadyDATA OS) = password
  • Password (RAIDiator firmware) = netgear1
  • Password (Infant firmware) = infrant1

For NETGEAR switches:

  • Username = admin
  • Password = blank (no password)

I hope that this will solve your problem with accessing your web interface platform. If you have any other problems please leave a comment below and if you think your friends or colleagues will find this useful please share it.