Default NETGEAR Password

Default NETGEAR Password – Let`s say that you got your router from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) three years ago and at this moment you need to change some settings in a web interface, but you can’t remember your password. Either you or your IT specialist has changed it and you don’t have time to … Read more

NETGEAR Router Firmware Update

The first symptom of corrupted firmware could be blinking green power lights or the router is not booting properly. Reasons could be various and the easiest and fastest solution is NETGEAR Router Firmware Update. To be true, we have faced various of these situations when NETGEAR product users find misleading information from various sources and … Read more

NETGEAR Genie App: Truly Magic!

NETGEAR Genie App: Prepare to be amazed! With the NETGEAR Genie app, users can get more than just three wishes! NETGEAR’s new Genie app allows all its smart users to easily monitor, uphold and fix their home networks. Built especially to meet the networking needs of all smartphone, Android, and iOS users on home PC … Read more